European Concept Lodge

St. Andrew's Lodge No.34 aspires to emulate a strict interpretation of Ancient Craft Freemasonry. In this St. Andrew's Lodge No.34 has adopted seven guiding principles.

  • RITUAL EXCELLENCE: This principle demands that the ritual be completely and artistically rendered from memory. This is the single most fundamental element of traditional Freemasonry. This includes the requirement that every man learn the lectures through the trial questions and answers of each degree.
  • EDUCATION: This principle demands that a regular program of education and indoctrination be followed grounding the membership in the rich and complex history, literature, culture and traditions of the craft of Freemasonry.
  • THE TABLE LODGE (or Festive Board): This tradition is indispensable as nothing can replace the experience of Freemasons sitting down together to a meal, presided over by the Worshipful Master and Wardens, where conviviality and the traditions of the lodge and the fraternity can be observed and preserved. The Table Lodge stands in direct contrast to contemporary dining practices.
  • QUARTERLY MEETING: In 1717 the (premier) Grand Lodge of England formed with the expressed purpose of having quartly meetings, believing the practice essential and fundamental to continued operations of the Craft.
  • ELEGANCE OF DRESS: This should preferably include black tie (or dark suit) at all regular meetings, degree conferrals, and festive boards of the lodge. A Freemason's dress for lodge meetings should exhibit the same respect for his lodge and his fellows as he would exhibit when attending a friend's wedding, a child's christening, a nephew's graduation, or any other significant event. This principle also includes other regalia, accoutrements, and surroundings as best as the lodge resources can muster. A lodge should be well kept and in good repair outside, and well furnished and decorated, neat and clean on the inside.
  • COMMITMENT: A demand for a real sacrifice of time, talent, and means from those who seek to exercise leadership in the lodge is indispensable. A commensurate commitment from those members who only wish to sit on the sidelines is also important.

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