Lodge History

Welcome to the homepage of St. Andrew's Lodge No.34

The idea of St. Andrew's Lodge No.34 was created in June of 2001 on a trip to the United Kingdom. A group of Shrine-Masons from Utah traveled to England and Scotland and participated in what was some of our first experiences of UK Freemasonry. When we returned to Utah we sought a way to relive those experiences including the "Festive Board" in a similar fashion. Shortly thereafter at the annual Grand Lodge of Utah Communication St. Andrew's Lodge No.34 was constituted.

St. Andrew's Lodge No.34 is unique in that it was the first lodge in Utah constituted under the occasional lodge legislation and it meets but 4 times a year. Saint Andrew's Lodge is currently open to receive new petitions, and open for affiliation to any Mason with a membership in a Lodge that is in amity with the Grand Lodge of Utah may petition to join.

We adhere to a dress code. Those who have Scottish attire we encourage you to wear it and those that do not it is expected that you follow the UK model and wear Morning Suit or Black Suit, white shirt and black colored or tartan tie.

We encourage you to attend and reservations a must for the Festive Board. Dues are currently $50.00 USD annually plus a dining fee. An affiliation petition is available for download.

We look forward to meeting you on the square.

Yours Aye and Fraternally,

John C. Liley, PM
Worshipful Master 2006, 2007
St. Andrew's Lodge No.34